RURAL STUDENTS: Experiences of University life

Are you a student from a rural area? Please read about interesting stories and experiences below on how to navigate the university environment as experienced by students who come from the rural areas.

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You can choose to read the stories below in English, IsiZulu, Afrikaans, SeSotho, Sepedi, Tsonga, IsiXhosa, Tswana, and Venda (Please scroll down to find other languages).

  1. English: Going to University

2. IsiZulu: Ukuya Enyuvesi

3. Afrikaans: Om Universiteit Toe Te Gaan

4. SeSotho: Ho Ya Univesithi

5. Sepedi: Go Ya Yunibesithi

6. Tsonga: Ku Ya Eyunivhesiti

7. Tswana: Go Ya Kwa Yunibesiti

8. Venda: U Ya Yunivesithi

9. IsiXhosa: Indlela Eya Eyinivesithi

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