International Students

The Division is tasked with international relations in general, which involve recruitment of international students, exchange programmes for staff and students as well as managing the affairs of international students outside the classroom. 

The Division integrates international students into UJ student life through:

  • Social interaction (International Festival, excursions)
  • Student exchange programme 
  • Communication (newsletter, SMS service, liaison with embassies, etc.)
  • Student support (buddy system, orientation programme)
  • Short courses (UJHELP)
  • Advising prospective students about programmes offered at UJ and all legal requirements
  • Clearing admitted international students for registration 
  • Providing liaison services for international students and faculties 
  • Liaising with all South African Missions (Embassies, High Commissions, Consulates, Trade Missions) and the South African Department of Home Affairs 
  • Social integration through orientation and student activities 

Contact or visit the International Admissions and Welfare Office for any compliance related issues e.g. study permits and medical aid requirements. 

Physical location and contact details: 

CampusLocationDesignationContact details
APKInternational House Madibeng BuildingSupervisor International Admissions

International Admission Officer

Manager Study Abroad

Student Welfare Officer 

Academic Services Administrator (UJELP)




APBOffice Number 215 Goudstad FlatInternational Admission Officer+27115591027
DFCMaropeng BuildingInternational Admission Officer+27115596510
SWCADB 119 Ukhamba BuildingAdmissions Administrative Assistant+27115595014

Email details:

CampusEmail address
APK[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
APB[email protected]
DFC[email protected]
SWC[email protected]

For more information about International Study, please follow the link.

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