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The Learning Development Unit (LDU) provides undergraduate students with academic skills in order to support students to achieve academic success. This involves providing workshops on time management, exam-taking, note-taking, reading skills and many more. Advertisements will be placed on uLink and on our Facebook page throughout the year. The LDU strives to contribute to the reduction of student dropout and to improve the pass rate and degree throughput rate.

Students can self-enrol in the Learning Development Study Skills self-paced module on Moodle.

If logged in on Moodle:

Go to Institution Page

Select Organisation Search

Search for the organisation and enrol into it.

Book your study skills consultation at your campus

CampusLocationContact Details
APKD Ring 3+27115592568
APBBlock K 1st floor (Above Study and Safekeeping Centre)+27115591646
DFCJohn Orr Building, next to Cyber Centre+27115596633
SWCAdelaide Tambo Building+27115595654 


Alison E. McWilliams in her article titled Wake Forest University: Building a campus-wide mentoring culture (2017) describes mentoring as “[b]uilding a purposeful and personal relationship in which a more experienced person (mentor) provides guidance, feedback, and wisdom to facilitate the growth and development of a less experienced person (mentee).” It is recommended that all first year students have a mentor to help their adjustment to university life.

What functions do mentors fulfil?

  • Psychological/emotional support: listening, providing moral support, identifying problems, and providing encouragement.
  • Goal setting and career paths: assistance with setting academic/career goals and decision making. 
  • Academic subject knowledge support: acquisition of necessary skills and knowledge, educating, evaluating, and challenging mentee academically.
  • Role model: the ability of mentee to learn from a mentor’s present and past actions and achievements.

What are the benefits of having a mentor?

  • assist mentees in enhancing their learning
  • motivate mentees to set realistic educational and social goals
  • give advice, encouragement and support
  • assist mentees to deal with personal and academic issues or refer you to appropriate staff for assistance
  • assist mentees to set smart goals and to establish a sense of direction
  • become more empowered to make decisions
  • learn from the experiences of others


Having difficulty reading? We’ve got you 😉

  • Reading strategies/approaches
  • Reading speed, fluency and reading with comprehension
  • Critical reading
  • Critiquing academic text
  • Annotation, paraphrasing, and summarising
  • Note making and note taking strategies
  • Encoding and decoding
  • Language structures

*To book any of these services for yourself, a group of friends or a larger group, contact [email protected].


Tel: +27115592568 | Email: [email protected] ​

For further information or online consultations contact LDU at the following email address: [email protected].

To learn more about the Learning Development Unit, please follow this link.

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