Artificial Intelligence in the 4IR

Artificial Intelligence in the 4IR

About this course:Artificial Intelligence in the 4IR introduces you to artificial intelligence (AI), its applications, and its implications for society and the future of work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Those who are most prepared for the future will be best prepared for change, and best situated to lead change. Artificial Intelligence in the 4IR encourages you to reflect on your role in a world that is being transformed by AI-driven technologies.

Specific requirements: This short learning programme is self-paced. Work on your own terms, at the times and speeds that are most convenient for you. The course is designed to be completed in about 150 hours over a semester.

You will have until the end of November 2023 to complete this course.

A digital certificate will be issued on successful completion of the course that may be viewed and shared with third parties or possible employers through the UJ Digital Certificate platform. This achievement will also reflect on the top of your academic transcript.

Outcomes:Artificial Intelligence in the 4IR comprises of eight units aimed to help you develop a conceptual model of a world with AI. Completion of this short learning programme will enable you to:

  • Develop an understanding of the 4IR and automation.
  • Understand the evolution of AI.
  • Discuss foundational concepts and techniques of AI and their application to real-life problems.
  • Explore advances in AI research, application and commercialisation in the United States and the West.
  • Explore advances in AI research, application and commercialisation in China.
  • Unpack the implications of AI for the future of the world of work.
  • Be aware of social and ethical considerations of AI technology.
  • Reflect on the future of AI for society.

Contact details:Should you have any queries regarding this course, please email [email protected].


  1. Log in to uLink: https://ulink.uj.ac.za/
  2. Go to ‘Online Courses’ on the homepage.
  3. Explore ‘Artificial Intelligence in the 4IR
  4. Register for the course by clicking on ‘register’ at the bottom on the page.
  5. Await an email from uLink which will provide instructions on how to access the course.
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