First Year Experience

Get to know the University of Johannesburg

Welcome to the University of Johannesburg (UJ) Mobi site, where you can find out all about UJ and what to expect when you start studying.

Auckland Park Bunting Road (APB)

  • Arts, Design and Architecture (FADA)
  • College of Business and Economics

Auckland Park Kingsway (APK)

  • Education
  • Engineering and Built Environment (FEBE)
  • College of Business and Economics (CBE)
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Science

Doornfontein (DFC)

  • Engineering and Built Environment (FEBE)
  • Health Sciences
  • Science
  • College of Business and Economics (CBE)

Soweto (SWC)

  • Education
  • Management
  • Economics and Financial Sciences
  • Humanities

Where is UJ?

UJ is in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Some facts about Johannesburg:
  • Also known as Joburg, Jozi and eGoli (City of Gold).
  • The biggest and fastest growing city in South Africa.
  • The business hub of South Africa for many industries.
  • Summer: Hot with thunderstorms
  • Winter: Cold and dry.
Transport in Johannesburg CBD

Minibus taxis:
  • The are two big taxi ranks in downtown Johannesburg (CBD):
    • Noord Street
    • Bree street
  • Go to one of these taxi ranks to catch a taxi to UJ.
Rea Vaya bus rapid transit (BRT) system:
  • The Rea Vaya bus rapid transit (BRT) system is quite new and runs through main routes in Johannesburg, including Soweto, Eldorado Park and Johannesburg CBD.
  • The Rea Vaya is also being rolled out to other areas in Johannesburg.
  • There are stations near all UJ campuses.
  • Find out more on their website:
Metro bus system

Metrorail train


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Staying safe in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is full of friendly people, but just like in any big city, you should follow some tips to keep safe:
  • Walk with other people whenever you can.
  • Let a friend or roommate know where you are going.
  • Keep your bag closed and hold onto it at all times when you are out.
  • If you are not sure about directions, look for someone in uniform (preferably a policeman) and ask for help.
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What do I need to organise now that I’ve been accepted to UJ?


If you are coming from outside of Johannesburg, you will need to find somewhere to live. You should ask about:
  • UJ’s residences (only for a limited number of students).
  • Off-campus student accommodation (not through UJ).
All accommodation in Johannesburg is expensive.

There is more information about accommodation in the accommodation section on this website.


You will need enough money to pay for all your daily expenses, including:
  • University Fees
  • Textbooks and stationery
  • Costs of printing assignments and class notes
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Transport
  • Tablet/laptop
If you need to apply for financial assistance, make sure to apply early.

Finance is discussed in detail in the Finance Section of this website.

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Why do people attend university?

  • People choose to go to university for different reasons:

    • To obtain or to improve their qualifications
    • To improve their chances of getting a better job
    • To get a high-paying job
    • To get a competitive edge in the job market
    • To serve the community
    • To improve their skills
    • To develop the country’s economy.

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A university education…

  • Teaches students critical thinking and problem solving
  • Enables students to join a community of scholars and to become creators of knowledge.
  • Gives students the opportunity to be taught by lecturers who are also Professors and Doctors in their field of specialty.
Think about your own expectations of the University and what you would like to achieve at university. Write these expectations down in your journal.

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What the University expects from its students:

Students are expected to adhere to the rules, conventions and standards of the University:

Are there any other expectations you think of? Write these down in your journal.